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August 17th, 1964

The Beatles were here…


2016 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!

Save the date!


A Short History of America by Robert Crumb

Pretty Sharp in Parkdale

It’s comforting to know that some things don’t change.

The sharpening truck still makes its way through the streets of Parkdale with his tell-tale ringing bell.

He sharpened the blade on my lawn mower today.


The Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles

I believe the Revue is the oldest single screen movie  theatre (in Toronto) still in operation.



Back in the early 80’s I was a driver/deliveryman for Shinerizing Fur Cleaning and Storage.

The plant was up an alley off of King seen in the photo below.


Cauldfield’s Dairy/Parkdale


45 Howard Park, south side just east of Roncesvalles. Caufield’s was soon to absorbed by the City Dairy on Spadina Crescent.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.49.12 AM.pngcaulfields_dairy_limited_03.jpg

A current view below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.47.42 AM.png


What Does Punk Rock have in Common with a Snickelway?

This is a question on many people’s minds these days.


 St. Patrick street just north of Queen. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s the upstairs space was a rehearsal studio run by John MacLeod formerly of Johnny and G-Rays


The video below features John and shows the building above.

Flyer-80-11-16-Johnny and the G-Rays.jpg

The rehearsal space was later used by FM during the day and at night my band, Eyelevel would go in to rehearse as the night rates were cheaper.


Eyelevel circa 1981 taken outside the rehearsal studio.

The Snickelways of Parkdale

Here are two on Queen West.


The same building in the 1950’s when it was the Parkdale Boxing Club.


And the theatre (demolished) beside it.


Another Snickelway, King East

Mark Moore supplied this one.

DSC03400.JPGDSC03401.JPGDSC03402.JPGDSC03403.JPGDSC03404.JPGDSC03405.JPGDSC03397.JPGDSC03399.JPGBy a strange coincidence Max M. has also photographed this same alley recently.


The entire city has gone mad for Snickelways!!!

What on Earth is a Snickelway??


The old English name for a passage like this is a SNICKELWAY .

This one’s located on King West at Bathurst.

I’m not joking…..

Queen West/Then


Queen West circa 1958. Looking east towards Bathurst.

The Daisy Tea Room

An attractive Vitrolite facade on this forgotten restaurant situated on the S/E corner of College and Bathurst. Currently the home of Sneaky Dees . Thanks to M. Ross for the info in locating this one.


Below, the building can be seen in 1951 or so with the second floor addition.


Sneaky-Dees.jpgAnd finally, an earlier location of the Daisey Tea Room across the street on the north side circa 1930.


A closer look at this photo reveals this cover from the Saturday Evening Post.

Painted by the great J.C. Leyendecke.


The Black Cats of Parkdale

black-cat15I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the abundance of  black cats skulking around the alleys here in Parkdale. I’ve seen at least 10 within a half mike radius of my house. Not only are they black but they’re all identical in size and shape. I should know as 2 of them showed up in my backyard a couple of years ago.

One of them stuck around. His name is Black Cat (2) as he’s a replacement for the original Black Cat that showed up in 2000 and hung around for 14 years or so and was a dead ringer for its successor…..

More Lost Parkdale

The Brighton Theatre on Roncesvalles circa 1963.


Bloor and Keele /Then

Looking east across Keele in the early/mid 60’s.


Ancaster Vintage British Car Show


A few shots from this past weekend.



Something to do with Toronto…


Espana guitars were made in Italy at the Crucianelli factory. Some were branded Crucianelli/Elite, some were branded Vox (Britain and US) while those marked Espana were mostly sold in Canada. Although virtually identical, a VOX branded version is worth considerably more.




Years ago I worked on a music video for Ian Thomas’ band, the Boomers.I needed a guitar that could be set on fire so I bought an Espana from a pawn shop on Church for $100.00. I coated the headstock with rubber cement and we set it on fire several times. The video was shot in a warehouse at the foot of Fraser street.

No guitars were harmed in this video.

An excellent site on Crucianelli guitars here.

Lost Parkdale

Looking east along Queen from Roncesvalles sometime in the late sixties. Note the Centennial sticker on the trash can.


Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now

Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and NowLooking east from Dundas across Lansdowne in 1917. The building on the S/E corner is a bank.
For years afterwards it was the Dunlan restaurant and had a wonderful 1940’s stainless counter and several small booths. Scenes from David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch were shot there in 1991.
Below some screen grabs from Naked Lunch. At first it was used  a New York Diner and then later re-dressed as a Moroccan Coffee house.
P1140535 P1140539 P1140543
Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now
Now it’s Yummy Pizza!
Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now
A couple of shots inside the long gone Dunlan Diner courtesy of mistagregory.
Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now
Good times!
Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now“Freshen’ your drink hon?”
Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and NowA couple of recent photos while under renovation.
Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now
It appears that it was a music academy before a restaurant.
These last two photos are by printwithfire.
Here’s another shot looking south on Lansdowne with the Dunlan in the B/G. The grey building on the left was a Hotel.

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