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King Street West

King and John/Then and Now

The N/W corner of King on John . The original occupant was  Toronto’s first hospital which in turn was replaced by the elegant Arlington Hotel.
Below, a good and correct drawing!

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POSTCARD+-+TORONTO+-+ARLINGTON+HOTEL+-+NICEScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 9.23.25 AM
This fire insurance map shows the hotel situated on the N/W corner.
The red portion indicates a brick structure and the yellow, the wooden porch.
King and John/Then and NowLooking west across John Street in the early 1960’s. Farb’s car wash on the N/W corner was knocked down in the early 90’s and the site remained a parking lot until the Bell Lightbox was built last year. Note the neon sign.
King and John/Then and Now
Last year during construction.
10153709_654485714621416_2286100978387254294_n Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 8.52.18 AM

King and Dufferin/Metallic Roofing Company

King and DufferinKing Street West looking east across Dufferin circa 1910
King and Dufferin
A similar view today.
King and Dufferin
King and DufferinThe Metallic Roofing Company of Canada began it’s operation in 1884 and was the first such company in Canada. It was located at 1190-1192 King Street West. Tin ceiling tiles held enormous appeal as they were affordable, fireproof and could be decorated with custom designs. Sadly, the building fell into disrepair, but unlike many Toronto gems, it was dismantled and is presently in storage with the Ontario Heritage Trust. The façade is on display at the Ontario Heritage Trust building on Adelaide if you want to get a rare peak at a pressed metal building façade.
1272033_542409172495738_708089708_oThe display building sat on the corner of Lamport Stadium for a couple of years.
1904roofingsbThe crates below are courtesy of Jamie C. of  Saskatchewan
IMG_5412 IMG_5414
 Happy to see this bit of history of the Metallic Roofing Co in Toronto. I was cleaning out an old blacksmith shop in Southern Saskatchewan last week ( Sep 2015) and found an old muddy wooden box. I cleaned it up and it has stamped printing on the side which says “From the Metallic Roofing Co Ltd Manufacturers Toronto & Winnipeg”. It will be going into a small private museum the land owner and I are setting up.

King and Jameson/ Then and Now

King and Jameson/ Then and NowFrom King Street looking north up Jameson Avenue in the late 1930’s.
King and Jameson/ Then and Now
The same view in 2010.
King and Jameson/ Then and Now
From King Street looking south down Jameson towards the lake.
King and Jameson/ Then and Now
The same view in 2010. All of those houses are long gone….

King and John/Then and Now

King and John/Then and NowKing and John/Then and NowKing Street in the winter of 1961 looking west from John, Farb’s Car Wash (“The World’s Finest”) is on the right. A closer look at the south side reveals Authors and Cox sellers of medical trusses (hernia belts) crutches, supporters and invalid chairs. Behind, peaking out is a sign for Wilcox Signs, still in business and now located on Dundas near Dufferin.

King and John/Then and Now
The same view in 2010

King and Cowan/Then and Now

King and Cowan/Then and NowLooking east on King across Cowan Avenue in 1903.
King and Cowan/Then and Now

King and Church/Then and Now

King and Church/Then and NowThe south side of King Street from Church at the turn of the century.
King and Church/Then and Now
Back in the late 1960’s when this was taken, King and Church was somewhat rundown and quite dreary. This had once been the main shopping street in the city and quite fancy.
Pasquale Brothers (seen here) later moved to 217 King Street and then to Etobicoke.
D. Pike Company is still in business as Pike’s Awnings and now located in Woodbridge.
King and Church/Then and Now
40 years later it’s been revitalized.

King and Bathurst/Then and Now

King and Bathurst/Then and NowThe Wheat Sheaf Tavern (1848) sometime in the late 1960’s.
King and Bathurst/Then and Now
It was rumoured that a secret tunnel connected the Wheat Sheaf to nearby Fort York…The Wheat Sheaf in 2010.

King and Dowling/Then and Now

King and Dowling/Then and NowLooking south down Dowling Avenue from King in the 1940’s.
King and Dowling/Then and Now
The same view in 2010.

King and Dufferin/ Then and Now

King and Dufferin/ Then and NowLooking north up Dufferin from King Street in 1949.
King and Dufferin/ Then and Now
The same view in 2010.