What's the Future Ever Done for Me?

Parkdale Ephemera



Taken from the Sunnyside Historical Society

“1880 Parkdale Library Association and Mechanics Institute was established. It opened in 1881 in the small school house to the left of St Marks church. It still stands on Cowan Ave just south of Queen St W. It involved the usual membership fee. Government owned and funded Libraries were yet to be created.”


“Built about 1880 Parkdale town hall (shown as planned) became the home to the Parkdale Library club in 1888. Refer to Parkdale in Pictures page 49, 56 and the outside back cover. The Parkdale Library Association moved into the ‘old council chambers and two adjacent rooms… The Parkdale Times reported that ladies could reach the circulating library without having to go through the free reading room, and books could be signed out every ev3ning. Unlike the free city library,a borrower could examine books before charging them out. In 1888 3,418 volumes were borrowed.’Also in 1888 Parkdale town offices moved to a new building at 1303 Queen St W. This building was demolished for a newer police station in 1931 and that building still stands.”

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