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John Street

King and John/Then and Now

The N/W corner of King on John . The original occupant was  Toronto’s first hospital which in turn was replaced by the elegant Arlington Hotel.
Below, a good and correct drawing!

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POSTCARD+-+TORONTO+-+ARLINGTON+HOTEL+-+NICEScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 9.23.25 AM
This fire insurance map shows the hotel situated on the N/W corner.
The red portion indicates a brick structure and the yellow, the wooden porch.
King and John/Then and NowLooking west across John Street in the early 1960’s. Farb’s car wash on the N/W corner was knocked down in the early 90’s and the site remained a parking lot until the Bell Lightbox was built last year. Note the neon sign.
King and John/Then and Now
Last year during construction.
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King and John/Then and Now

King and John/Then and NowKing and John/Then and NowKing Street in the winter of 1961 looking west from John, Farb’s Car Wash (“The World’s Finest”) is on the right. A closer look at the south side reveals Authors and Cox sellers of medical trusses (hernia belts) crutches, supporters and invalid chairs. Behind, peaking out is a sign for Wilcox Signs, still in business and now located on Dundas near Dufferin.

King and John/Then and Now
The same view in 2010

Richmond and John/Then and Now

Richmond and John/Then and NowThe S/E corner of Richmond and John in 1935.
Richmond and John/Then and Now
The same corner in 2010.

Arnprior /The Ottawa Valley

Arnprior /The Ottawa ValleyJohn Street in 1909.
Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 3.28.46 PM2010.
One reason to visit Arnprior (Arn-land of, Prior-the Priory) is a stop at Wes’ Chips located on the main road into town. The chip wagon has been here for at least 40 years and still attracts long lines of tourists and locals. The secret to a good chip is to only cook potato chips in the oil and nothing else.
Arnprior /The Ottawa Valley
Also located in Arnprior is the old O’Brien Theatre. Built in 1919, it’s a survivor.
Arnprior /The Ottawa Valley
The O’Brien in 1930.
Arnprior /The Ottawa Valley
Arnprior /The Ottawa Valley
The O’Brien Theatre in 2010