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Queen and Roncesvalles/Then

11081259_851520421584610_8952946131931140357_n Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.51.42 PMA couple of shots from the early/mid 1960’s.


Queen and Roncesvalles/Then

This intersection was at the time known as “Five Corners”. Queen Street continued west via a bridge that dropped down to the Lakeshore/Sunnyside. The Queensway wasn’t built until the late 1950’s.

photo-toronto-roncesvalles-and-king-streetcar-turning-onto-king-note-laura-secord-edgewater-hotel-globe-honor-box-c1960A shot from the bridge looking back to the intersection.

pictures-r-939And finally, from just west of Roncesvalles looking east along Queen.