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Toronto’s First City Hall 1844

jarvisfrontHere’s an old photo that I’ve never seen before. Toronto’s first City Hall at Jarvis and Front seen from the back/side.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 12.12.34 PMf1231_it00981_thumb

The sum of $52,000 was expropriated for the new City Hall, which was opened in 1845. It was Toronto’s first official City Hall. The ground floor of the building housed market stalls, the second floor Police Station #1, and the third floor the council chamber. Jail cells and the corn exchange were in the basement. The facade was an impressive 140 feet in length, with large additions on either side. It was built of contrasting white stones and red bricks. The centre block contained an impressive pediment ( triangular shape above the third floor), and an impressive cupola above it. It was evident from many vantage points throughout the city, dominating King Street East. 

dscn6484_thumbdscn6540_thumbScreen Shot 2013-01-20 at 12.22.13 PMWhen council moved to it’s new location (Old City Hall) 1n 1899 the building was repurposed as the St. Lawrence Market retaining the centre block.

sonwestASC06608From inside the market the back wall and windows of the original structure can be seen. Photo 1974. 


The 1960’s.

2007-09-08-1319-09_editedToronto’s 3 City Halls on a postcard from the 1960’s.