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Mavety Boarding House and West End Theatre/Then and Now

The West End Theatre on Mavety, just south of Dundas. Beside it, the Robinson Boarding house, also know as the Dog and Pot.

West_Endpictures-r-3524 Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 5.01.57 PMThe Dog and Pot refers to an old Ironmonger’s shop in London.

P1020520_blog P1020522_blog i242This form Wikipeddea:

The sign of the Dog and Pot, once a familiar and well known Southwark landmark in its day was originally outside an ironmonger’s shop on Blackfriars Road from the 1780’s and remained there until 1932, when it was removed to the Cuming Museum in Walworth Road where it can still be seen. The sign however was much more than just a shop’s sign, it was used as a design on Victorian coal hole covers, those round metal plates that covered the delivery hatches to coal cellars. One of these was the inspiration for the sculpture. The firm of J.W.Cunningham, ‘wholesale and retail ironmongers, steel and grindstone merchants’ at No. 196 Blackfriars Road, put it on their plates in 1882, and between 1849 and 1857, when the shop was owned by the much more celebrated firm of Hayward Brothers, a small version of the sign appeared on their plates.