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Lakeshore and the Humber/Hand Painted Signs

Series 372, Subseries 34 - Humber bridge photographs Series 372, Subseries 34 - Humber bridge photographsThe old Humber Streetcar loop can be seen in the background of the first photo.

20131018-humber-loop-lake-shore-road-1934loopIt’s difficult to post a “now” photo with these as the landscape has changed so dramatically with the building of the QEW and later the Gardiner.

Mark Moore has supplied the photo below of another boathouse at the mouth of the Humber.

-1Below, Barton’s 1954. The end of the line…

pictures-r-3110Destroyed by ice perhaps?

Wendy commented on this photo and now it makes sense. This is the aftermath of Hurricane Hazel that ripped down the Humber River (October 15, 1954)  leaving a swath of destruction in it’s path.