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The Parkdale Register 1881

Below is a link to the Parkdale Register of 1881. n900658416d

Lost Parkdale

The original St Jude’s Church (1888) was built on the east side of Roncesvalles just north of Ritchie. In 1911 a larger church was constructed to the north. In 1929, the old church was demolished and in its place a parish hall erected. Toward the end of it’s life the church sat empty and the […]


Parkdale Ephemera

Taken from the Sunnyside Historical Society “1880 Parkdale Library Association and Mechanics Institute was established. It opened in 1881 in the small school house to the left of St Marks church. It still stands on Cowan Ave just south of Queen St W. It involved the usual membership fee. Government owned and funded Libraries were […]

The Lost Cinemas of Parkdale

Roncevalles: The Review, still in operation. The Brighton (formerly The Sunnyside), now a variety store. The Parkview, now a dry cleaners. Queen Street The Parkdale, now a collection of antique furniture stores. The original Odeon, now Harvest Fresh Foods. The newer Odeon across the street. And finally, The Kum-C. For those willing to walk a […]

Old Parkdale Police Station

The old Police Station on the South West corner of Queen and Cowan. This station was replaced in the early 1930’s by this Art Moderne version below.

The Old Parkdale Hospital

This house still stands at the S/E corner of Cowan and Melbourne. It was a hospital around 1910 or so..

Rural Parkdale

At one time, Parkdale was quite rural and made up of small farms and market gardens. The simple watercolour below would seem to be west of Roncesvalles, looking along Wright ave. towards Roncesvalles. The back of the church as evidence. This could be the property of John Davison indicated on the map above. 1910.. “Miss […]

Parkdale Garden Party

Mr. Atkinson was the Deputy Reeve of Parkdale and lived on a large property at the South east corner of Queen and Jameson.

More Lost Parkdale

Before the Gardiner Expressway was built, Jameson was a quiet tree lined street with some of the grandest houses in Parkdale. All but two were demolished to build the corridor of apartment buildings that now dominate the street. Below, looking south from Queen. Two of the victims…

Lost Parkdale, S.S. Kresge’s

The Kresge’s on Roncesvalles, just north of Fern remained in business until 1994. I was in there a couple of times and don’t remember if there was a lunch counter.  It’s now a bank, but the Art Deco Vitrolite is still somewhat intact behind the new sign. My neighbour, Terry T. who has lived in […]

The Parkdale Theatre/ Then and Now

1937 2010 The Parkdale Theatre on Queen Street West was built by the Allans and opened April 5, 1920 and was very successful thanks to it’s proximity to Sunnyside Amusement park. It finally closed in 1970. A substantial venue with over 1500 seats. For a short time the box office was used as a Beer […]

More Lost Parkdale

This sign for Freddi’s Clothes for Men can still be seen in the alley off of Lansdowne. Not sure how long Freddie’s was in business but I bought some vests there in the 90’s… “Just Around the “C”.

Pretty Sharp in Parkdale

It’s comforting to know that some things don’t change. The sharpening truck still makes its way through the streets of Parkdale with his tell-tale ringing bell. He sharpened the blade on my lawn mower today.

Cauldfield’s Dairy/Parkdale

45 Howard Park, south side just east of Roncesvalles. Caufield’s was soon to absorbed by the City Dairy on Spadina Crescent. A current view below.  

The Snickelways of Parkdale

Here are two on Queen West. The same building in the 1950’s when it was the Parkdale Boxing Club. And the theatre (demolished) beside it.

The Black Cats of Parkdale

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the abundance of  black cats skulking around the alleys here in Parkdale. I’ve seen at least 10 within a half mike radius of my house. Not only are they black but they’re all identical in size and shape. I should know as 2 of them showed up […]

More Lost Parkdale

The Brighton Theatre on Roncesvalles circa 1963.

Lost Parkdale

Looking east along Queen from Roncesvalles sometime in the late sixties. Note the Centennial sticker on the trash can.

Skyline Restaurant /Parkdale Closing

I’m sad to report that the rumours  are true and that the Skyline Restaurant on Queen West is indeed closing. Sunday Feb 21/2016 will be the last day under the present ownership. The Skyline Restaurant in Parkdale is one of my favourite “Diners” in the city. It has a great neon sign, the interior has lots […]

More Lost Parkdale

The N/E corner of Queen and Macdonell. The Metropolitan School of Music. Currently under renovations with rumours that an A & W will be moving in soon.. Photo courtesy PVHS.