What's the Future Ever Done for Me?

New City Hall

Before the New City Hall was built (1965), various architectural firms submitted designs  in 1958 as part of  a competition.

The full story of the competition and building New City Hall here.

tspa_0004366f cityhall-a-r5-01Below, a selection of designs that were passed on.

cityhall-bonner-311-427 cityhall-bonner-105-265 cityhall-a-r5-02 cityhall-bonner-107-333 cityhall-a-r5-03 cityhall-panda-581184-41 cityhall-bonner-106-105 cityhall-a-r5-16 cityhall-a-r5-04 cityhall-panda-581184-58 cityhall-bonner-064-399More to follow.

cityhall-bonner-250-501 cityhall-bonner-324-027 cityhall-bonner-006-472 cityhall-bonner-310-381 cityhall-bonner-274-185 cityhall-bonner-311-427 cityhall-a-r5-05 cityhall-a-r5-17 cityhall-panda-581184-63 cityhall-bonner-065-362 cityhall-bonner-130-056 cityhall-bonner-249-269 cityhall-bonner-005-018 cityhall-bonner-309-390 cityhall-bonner-108-044 cityhall-bonner-283-347


One response

  1. Bruce Chown

    In retrospect, I believe the City Fathers who chose the clam shell design in the ’60s made the right choice. I was more ambivalent about the design when I first saw the buildings. I’ve heard that it had functional problems such as the separation of City staff into two separate silos and, as some of us know, at least one stalled elevator full of students on a tour of the new buildings.

    October 28, 2015 at 4:24 pm

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