What's the Future Ever Done for Me?

Queen and Victoria/Then and Now

Looking west from Victoria twice. The mid 1960’s and the mid 70’s.



1524145_543372545758372_488386444_oNote the The Town Tavern sign as well as The Town Bar-B-Que Chicken and a Peoples Credit Jewellers.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 9.54.00 AMScreen+shot+2011-04-10+at+11.58.51+AMBelow additional views of the intersection.

The Town was the site of a famous gangland beating in 1961.

From Buffalo Police, Then and Now

Johnny Papalia was the Buffalo crime family capo in charge of all Southern Ontario operations and Johnny had been trying to acquire a piece of the highly lucrative gambling operations of independent Toronto gambler, Maxwell “Maxie Bluestein” Baker who controlled the top betting operation in Toronto which took in $30,000 a day in bets.

 Johnny gave Maxie Bluestein an ultimatum after trying to negotiate with him for months and on March 21, 1961 in the Town Tavern in downtown Toronto, Johnny and two of his associates severely beat Bluestein. Brass knuckles, iron bars and baseball bats fly, a broken bottle stuffed in his mouth. Mr. Bluestein is beaten nearly to death.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.32.37 AMA more detailed account here.

PHOTO+-+TORONTO+-+QUEEN+STREET+AT+VICTORIA+-+AERIAL+VIEW+W+-+TOWN+TAVERN+-+WOOLWORTH'S+-+EATON'S+-+1964 photo-toronto-victoria-and-queen-aerial-witt-streetcar-turning-town-tavern-peoples-credit-jewellers-woolworth-top-centre-at-yonge-1965-unknown-photographer photo-toronto-queen-at-victoria-aerial-town-tavern-pcc-streetcars-note-2-parking-lots-1965-unknown-photographer PHOTO+-+TORONTO+-+QUEEN+STREET+-+STREETCARS+-+AMES+RESTAURANT+AND+TOWN+BOWLING+SIGNS+FROM+OPPOSITE+DIRECTION+-+MID+1950s


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