What's the Future Ever Done for Me?

Yonge and Granby/Then and Now

3VP4eN2TARcUNr7KrRipbcwUvBzbC-48RW8A75Pr-47h3fZZtcBbtFyls7ILfbqWhlBqxJKy02npPF64srjTVgTjbJBahLi0vOKv_bSY5PGaC1KFU3KnwvrbVDoO0ovWO-Pmlz23KPXfSVYnyr4ra-ZW98ZmvMT5onGPRZ0cT7qnro6tTYB90wcHl21OS4GAB7wuIqDhJ_xcNHf_jOWPDreM8Ss3A Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 6.51.50 PMAnd here’s a couple in between.

10661940_742747532461900_7457027904295589265_o 1888829_742747495795237_857097708244568402_o


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