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The Mystery of the Unused Luggage!

Last week end I bought a pair of vintage ladies suitcases for my wife at the St. Lawrence Antique Market. They were in near perfect condition.

P1120120 P1120122The label says Christie Baggage and I would guess they’re from the early 1960’s.

“This luggage set is an excellent example of the quality of merchandise produced under the name of “Christie” by the “Christie Trunk & Bag Company Limited” in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Christie Trunk & Bag Company Limited is an important part of the industrial and economical history of Amherst, Cumberland County and Nova Scotia. This company became an important player in the export business; “For many years this firm did a thriving export trade with the British West Indies and some points in South America.” Christie Bros existed in Amherst from 1863 to 1968 and survived such hardships as the First and Second World Wars and the Depression. In 1863, Christie Bros was owned by brothers George and Charles Christie. The business originated as both sawmill and manufacturer of carriages. Youngest brother J. A. Christie was made a partner and oversaw the Funeral Supplies portion of the company. The business started manufacturing trunks, traveller bags and suitcases. Christie Bros. became known for their strong durable trunks which were made in many styles for both travel and storage. Some trucks were made to customer specifications. Ladies luggage was produced on all price ranges and designed to please the taste of its customers. The company was incorporated in 1901 with G.W. Christie as President. The original premise burnt in 1903 and was rebuilt and business resumed. “Funeral supply department was taken by Dominion Manufacturing Ltd of Toronto but Amherst concern was made a branch and conducted under the old name Christie Brothers” The last known year of operation is 1968″

The mystery started when I had a look inside the cases and realized that one had never been used.


P1120129The tie downs are still tied as they were shipped from the factory with the original key pinned to them.

P1120131The second bag has the tie downs loosened and a small hole in the lining. Were these bags purchased for a trip that never happened? Was the owner so distraught that they were put away in a basement for over 50 years? A failed Honeymoon, perhaps a MURDER!!!!

Who knows… Who Cares?

Below are some photos from the factory.

387199_456348564439782_1980587132_n 184922_388470831227556_965183707_n 31606_456348327773139_186277442_n 21882_388069341267705_1493001521_n


2 responses

  1. Clare Christie

    So interesting to read about my family’s business and to see the pictures. Thank you.

    June 22, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    • I ended up giving the luggage away as I couldn’t get rid of the musty smell….
      It went to a good home.

      June 22, 2016 at 9:49 pm

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