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1000th Post! Yonge Street/Then and Now

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The title Lost Toronto was taken from William Dendy’s excellent book (Lost Toronto 1993).

lost+torontoMy beautiful pictureDundas Square looking south in the mid 1960’s. Friars Tavern is where Bob Dylan met his future band mates, the Band and where they would rehearse after hours.

Nicholas Jennings writes:

In 1965, Bob Dylan’s world was a-changing. He’d already recorded his electric masterpiece “Like a Rolling Stone” and performed his plugged-in set at the Newport Folk Festival. But he needed his own backup band. Enter Mary Martin, a Toronto woman who was working for Dylan’s manager in New York. At Martin’s urging, Dylan flew to Toronto on September 15 to check out her favourites, Levon and the Hawks, at the Friar’s.

He first heard them play on the morning of September 16 and for the next two nights, Dylan and the group rehearsed after hours and forged a thrilling, hard-edged sound. After touring the world with Dylan, and making a return appearance at Toronto’s Massey Hall in November, Levon and the Hawks relocated to Woodstock, New York, and became famous as The Band. With Dylan, they went on to generate bestselling albums and a sold-out North American tour in 1974 that included two nights at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. But their fruitful partnership had begun at Friar’s Tavern, an event that Time magazine declared “the most decisive moment in rock history.”

Friars-Tavern-PHOTO-MainA more detailed account of this story can be found here.

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 10.12.20 AM


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