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Mystery Letter

francis farmerThis unopened letter was found amungst a box of prop mail (movie) in a basement in Hamilton. Addressed to Frances Farmer it has a period correct stamp but no cancellation marks…..

6a00d83451cb7469e2014e8a4df473970d-800wiFrances Farmer was a Hollywood actress who got herself into some trouble with the authorities because she didn’t obey the rules and was institutionalized.

She was given shock therapy treatment and may have had a lobotomy.

As it turns out the letter (addressed with a fountain pen) is a prop from the film Frances (1982) starring Jessica Lang and contained two script pages to give it some volume.

How this prop from 1982 made it’s way from Hollywood to the basement of an abandoned school in Hamilton Ontario is the REAL mystery…..


One response

  1. Janice Duchaine Murray

    Frances Farmer was a Hollywood actress back in the 30’s I think

    March 24, 2014 at 12:34 pm

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