What's the Future Ever Done for Me?

Old VS. New/ Moffat VS. Honeywell

My old Moffat stove was built in 1948 or so. I recently found some NOS elements, baskets and  trim rings for $100.00 (for a set of 4) which I replaced.

P1100361 P1100362 P1100364Aside from looking good this machine does what you ask of it, i.e you turn it on and it works then you turn it off and it stops.

I paid $100.00 for this stove 18 years ago and it’s still doing what it’s supposed to.

In the basement I have another machine, a high efficiency furnace that cost $3000.00 (approx) 14 years ago.

It has a computer chip in the Honeywell gas regulator valve that decided to stop working. It did not do what I asked of it.

It would not turn on and if it did turn on, it would not turn off. I replaced the valve ($400.00) and the flame sensor ($150) to fix it.

Planned obsolescence will cost me another $4000.00 to replace this in the next couple of years.

This is progress?

There’s a light bulb in a Fire Station in California that’s been burning almost continuously for over a hundred years.


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