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Mystery Photo/Parkside and Queen West/Then and Now

This photo from the archives is labelled Parkdale Drive and Queen Street, 1928.

These streets don’t intersect but this certainly looks like Toronto. The only clue is Mawhinney’s Garage…

Parkdale Drive and Queen, improving street corner, etc.. - June 28, 1928I found a newer photo (1956) in the archives taken during the building of the Queensway.

So the original photo is mis-labelled and should read Parkside Drive and Queen.

Construction of Queen Street West extension. - 1956Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.44.02 AMA current photo shows just how much the landscape has been altered with the building of the Queensway and the Gardiner.

We can see on the map below that Parkside (Keele) and Indian Road converged, with Queen Street ending at Parkside.

e010762219-v8This map shows a Rolling Mill Factory at the intersection and in the photo below. f1231_it1273 Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.19.30 AMThis map clearly shows Queen terminating at Parkside.


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