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Occidental Hall/the Holiday Tavern and Beyond


This is Occident Hall at the South east corner of Queen and Bathurst.

The first recorded work of renowned Toronto Architect E .J. Lennox,

“Builder of Toronto”

Built in 1876 as a Masonic Lodge with shops on the ground level.

2012117-holiday-tavern-1980 1468781_594546127282042_1730359428_nFrom 1948 and up to about 1984 it was known as the Holiday Tavern and helped to give the intersection it’s now famous name of “F*ck Face City” as coined by Chris Houston. The Big Bop is now closed and has been turned into a Crate and Barrel.

Currently there appears to be some restoration of the facade under way.

427470_294417697294888_1754715384_nThe front of the Holiday Tavern looking west across Bathurst with the Paddock Tavern in the B/G, sometime in the mid 1960’s.

 P1020110As of January 2010 the renovations have started with the

removal of the angel stone cladding and gutting years of

insensitive alterations to the interior. It will be interesting to watch the progress.

P1060021 P1050741 P1050743


2 responses

  1. Seer

    I remember this place. Went to lots of raves there. It’s great that they restored the original cladding, but shame that it’s become some sterile furniture store. At least they put a plaque to commemorate the years it was a concert hall.

    July 5, 2014 at 11:54 pm

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