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St. Andrews Market/Then and Now

St. Andrews Market, Richmond Street West. - [ca. 1921] Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 7.06.02 AMFrom Wikipedia:

In 1837, this city block was set aside for a public market, the third of its kind after the St. Lawrence Market and the St. Patrick’s Market. The market was built in 1850 and named “St. Andrew’s Market” after its city ward. It served as an important commercial center for what was then Toronto’s west end.

A fire in 1860 destroyed the first market buildings. They were replaced in 1873 by the much larger St. Andrew’s Hall and Market, designed in Renaissance Revival style. The building housed a police station, a community hall, a public library branch, as well as the market sellers of fresh produce and butchers.

In the 1870s, St. Andrew’s Market began to lose some of its relevance as a commercial hub. In 1889, an addition was added, however by 1900 the market stalls were mostly empty. The buildings were demolished in 1932, replaced by a Water Works building.

The southern section of the Market was used as a public park since the 1880s, becoming “St. Andrew’s Playground” in 1909, “the first City of Toronto property dedicated to, and equipped for, supervised children’s play.

Toward’s the end below.

2011727-kensington-st-andrews-market-f1231_it0051 market12


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