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This is Why The Sixties Were Cool!

5164dei_20An original  Clairtone G3  for sale on Kjiji  last year @ $3500.00 which is actually (inflation adjusted) close to it’s original cost of $2,850.00.
Introduced in 1966 to compete with smaller, more modular home electronics, the G3 was also the most affordable ranging in price from 350 – 400$ so many were sold. It came in a few variations of amp model and speakers and offered the option of rolling ‘bar cart’ stand.

Made here in Toronto.


4799k3g_20 clairtone1 clairtone6The Clairtone Project G console stereo. Using the inflation calculator, the price today would be approx. $12,000.00. For more information on the Clairtone G series please visit

Clairtone also made televisions.


2 responses

  1. Sandy

    Actually still have my Clairtone G3 my 1st ever stereo bought at a stereo shop at the White Shield Plaza Kennedy & Lawrence.
    Remember my dad had to co-sign my financing as I worked part-time and was attending Winston Churchill Collegiate .

    July 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm

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