What's the Future Ever Done for Me?

Yonge and Queen/Then and Now

pictures-r-3993For some strange reason, this building on the N/W corner of Yonge and Queen has been spared the onslaught destruction of this entire block through the last century, including the building of the Eaton Centre in the mid 1970’s. Below is a timeline of sorts up to the present day.



20101220-1910-QueenYongeWilliamJames postcard-toronto-yonge-and-queen-streetcar-policeman-knox-store-bicycles-tinted-c1920

f1244_it1181-royal-visit-1939 2011211-yqlead 000013_21 postcard-toronto-yonge-street-just-s-of-queen-looking-n-flags-on-simpsons-and-eatons-crowds-and-traffic-woolworth-1960s postcard-toronto-yonge-street-looking-n-from-queen-peoples-credit-jewellers-yonge-theatre-woolworths-new-fascade-other-signs-1960s

f0124_fl0002_id0151-woolworths-yonge-queen-1972 Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 12.48.18 PMA classic Woolworth lunch counter below.


474027_293745227362135_1033599026_o 533978_405529442850379_1748106870_n


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