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Queen and Bay /Then and Now

Queen and Bay /Then and NowClick on images for a better view.
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
From Old City Hall looking west along Queen Street towards the old Broadway Theatre.
This was Toronto’s first burlesque house with “Girlie” shows and movies.
In 1935, the manager was murdered in his office and his son-in law, Murray Little took over the management.
The infamous Casino Theatre (The Festival in the top photo) was located five doors west and operated until 1963.
In 1965 to preserve the architectural integrity of the new City Hall, the City expropriated three and a half acres on the south side of Queen Street and all of the buildings were demolished.
In these photos the work has already started.
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
Looking across the south east intersection of Queen and Bay. . The film playing at the Bay Theatre is “The Small World of Sammy Lee”, released in 1963.
The Bay opened in 1919 as The Colonial and the facade was built with material rescued from the demolished Customs House on Front Street.
The Bay Theatre closed in 1965 and was quickly demolished.
This block has been replaced by the Simpson’s Tower.
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
Window detail of the Bay Theatre
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
The same window from the Customs House demolished in 1919
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
The original Colonial Theatre
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
Another early view of the Colonial (far left) before the second story addition.
1209007_544940728909249_1059904016_nFrom the steps of Old City Hall the Broadway Theatre can be seen in the distance.
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
Similar views today, looking south/west from Old City Hall.
431241_287020811367910_487393252_nThe S/E corner, originally a Bowles Lunch and a Laura Secord.
Queen and Bay /Then and NowLooking south/east in the mid 60’s.
Queen and Bay /Then and Now
Below an early shot of the Colonial/Bay Theatre showing Broken Blossoms starring Lillian Gish.

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  1. peter woolrich

    ,,I remember as a young boy standing on the steps of the “old” city hall viewing the south side of queen as it looks in these historic photos…..thank you for taking me back …it confirms that I was there and i’m just not imagining when these days I am at the same spot ….nothing is the same…..and….I didn’t dream it….warm regards….peter

    April 24, 2014 at 10:29 pm

  2. Thank you for your contribution.

    April 25, 2014 at 2:24 am

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