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Hamilton’s Tivoli Theatre and Ambrose Small

The Tivoli Theatre in Hamilton opened in 1924, as a venue for both vaudeville and silent movies.  It had previously held a carriage factory, and then later, in 1907, a storefront nickelodeon.  With the decline of vaudeville and the introduction of talking movies, the Tivoli remained popular as a movie cinema.  It was remodelled in 1954 and continued to draw in audiences until it was closed by Famous Players in 1990.  In 1995, it opened up again as a venue for live stage shows.  Sadly, in 2004, a portion of the front of the building, including the marquee, collapsed.  The lobby of the Tivoli Theatre was completely demolished, though the auditorium and other parts of the theatre remain.

Ambrose Small the original owner vanished mysteriously in 1919.

rg_56_11_0_101_2_520 rg_56_11_0_101_3_620 rg_56_11_0_101_4_620 rg_56_11_0_101_1_620 Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 9.37.12 AMThis is all that remains today. The auditorium portion is still somewhat intact but in serious need of repair.

large 5037948058_0d74e0f120_zFor more on the mysterious disappearance of the owner, Ambrose Small please visit

Toronto Then and Now.

The Tivoli was used as a filming location for a movie called Rated X about the Mitchell brothers and was used as the O’Farrel Theatre in San Francisco.


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