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Westwood Theatres/Then and Now

Westwood Theatres/Then and Now The Westwood in 1974.
Westwood Theatres/Then and Now
Cinema Treasures has this to say about the Westwood:
“The Westwood Theatre was originally operated by 20th Century Theatres when it opened in February 1952. In the late-1980’s, Famous Players took over.
In the late-1960’s, a second screen was added in a new addition to the original building. In 1980, the original auditorium was divided in two, making the Westwood Theatre a triplex.
The Westwood Theatre closed in 1998.”
Westwood Theatres/Then and Now
The desolate lobby.
Westwood Theatres/Then and Now Westwood Theatres/Then and Now

Westwood Theatres/Then and Now
No more coming attractions…

We had a lot of fun going to the Westwood at Six points. In fact I went on my first “date” there to see The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes when I was 12.

Later I saw The Beatles’ Let It Be and at the end of the film the older kids (hippies)
started to dance in the aisles.

2 responses

  1. Bruce Chown

    Hello Greg.

    In 1967 (Expo year), I went to the Westwood Theatre to see “The Graduate” which came out that year. When I entered I heard loud music playing; it was Paul Simon’s “Sounds of Silence” which seemed to repeat endlessly until the lights dimmed and the movie started. I did not like the music. I enjoyed the movie and realized as it progressed that Simon & Garfunkel’s songs were an integral part of it. Taken in context, the songs were excellent and I’ve enjoyed them ever since.

    Best wishes.


    March 28, 2013 at 12:12 am

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