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Dundas and Spadina/Then and Now

spadina dundas 1909 Dr. Moorehead’s house on the N/E corner of Spadina and Dundas.

Dundas Street West looking across Spadina Avenue 1909

spadina dunda 1910The same view a year later.

Note the trees and boulevard have disappeared as the road was widened.The grand house on the right was built by Dr. H.H. Moorehead in 1886 and was demolished in 1920 or so. The Standard Theatre was the built on this corner in 1921. Re-namned the Strand in 1935 and after the war The Victory.

spadina dundas 2010One hundred years later and things have certainly changed.

It’s no longer a residential neighbourhood.

s0648_fl0246_id0001In 1968 the row houses seen in the second photo were still there, but not for long.

spadina dundas 2010.2In 2010 the row houses are long gone but the Art Deco mechanic shop/garage is still there.

dundas-spadina 1921The Moorehead house in 1921. The N/E corner of Dundas and Spadina.



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